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NEC DS-1000/2000 User Guide

Recording the main greeting  

  (Example:  Thank you for calling KB-24 Communications…)

  1. On extension 300 only

  2. Push MW button

  3. SA for System Administrator

  4. I for instruction message

  5. You will be prompted to enter the mailbox number for the greeting.  

Start with Mailbox 000 (Listen to message before recording over it.  If this is not the correct mailbox, try 001, 002 etc…)

Recording a personal greeting   (Example: This is Nicole, I’m not available...)  

  1. Push MW button

  2. G for greeting

  3. Make sure Greeting 1 is active

  4. R for record, L for listen, etc...  

Transfer a call to an extension/voice mail 

  1. Do not put call on hold! (This is the most common mistake)

  2. Press ICM & extension number

  3. After 2 beeps, announce call (Paul, there’s a call for you on line one)

  4. If the person is at their desk, hang up and the call will be transferred to them

  5. If they are not at their desk and you want to put call into voice mail

  6. Push MW button

  7. Call will go directly into voice mail

To set up a conference call

  1. Place or answer your first call.

  2. Press CONF

  3. Place or answer your next call.

  4. Press CONF again to set up the Conference.

To be notified (called) at your pager, cell phone, or home office when you have new messages:

Message notification

  1. Press MW.

  2. Press 'OP' to listen to mailbox options.

  3. Press 'N' for notification.

  4. Follow voice prompts from there.

Set the time/date     

Do this without lifting the handset

  1. From extension 300, dial #TD (#83).

  2. Enter the time in 24-hour clock using hours (2 digits), minutes (2 digits) and seconds (2 digits).

  3. Press HOLD.

  4. Enter the date using month (2 digits), day (2 digits), and year (4 digits).

  5. Press HOLD, then SPK to exit.



KB-24 Communications, Inc.

PO Box 2624 ¨ Glens Falls, NY  12801

Phone: (518) 812-0724  ¨  Fax: (518) 761-6824

Email: Help@ KB-24.COM

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